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Leonard 36 inch Clean-Up Caddy

Easy cleanup with less strain on your back.

Lifetime warranty.The Leonard Clean Up Caddy is designed to pick up cans, bottles, paper and other trash without bending—no wonder highway crews around the country use it! Easier and faster than a spear. Lightweight 36 inch aluminum tong design with cushion grip handles. Easy to close with a light squeeze, it springs back to the open position when you relax your grip, releasing the litter. Metal guides between the arms keep each grab consistent; arms don't cross over each other. Weighs 1 pound, has a 3-1/2 inch jaw opening.

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  • 36in.
  • Aluminum tong design
  • Cushion grip handles
  • Weight 1 lb.
  • Jaw opening is 3.5" wide.

Product Features

Lightweight, aluminum tong design with cushion grip handles.

Product Benefits

  • Picks up cans, bottles, and other trash without bending.
  • It is no wonder that highway crews around the country use it. Easier, safer, and faster than a spear.
  • Aluminum is light-weight, tough, and resistant to weather. ADVANTAGES OVER MANY OTHER DESIGNS:
  • Longer overall reach.
  • Fewer moving parts to wear out.
  • Holds more weight than plastic versions.
  • Won't break like a plastic one will if it falls off your mower onto the road.
  • Cushion grips are extra large for comfort and ease.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars Pick up Stix

Bob M from MI wrote (March 21, 2011):

We've been using pick up stix in our parks for 25 years. Your latest model is much improved over the past models. I like the bright orange handles but the foam could be a little thinner.

4 Stars works great

JOYCE from VA wrote (March 20, 2011):

I bought this item because there was nothing to wear out on it. No suction cups to come off etc. It does lack a rubber surface that allows one to pick up smooth items. I expect to come up with a way to compensate for that lack.

4 Stars We use a lot of them!

CU Landscape Crew from OR wrote (March 20, 2011):

The clean up caddy is simple and useful for just about any kind of worker to use pick up litter. We spend 4 crew hours each day doing it. They last us about 2 years. The tips end up getting worn down and the U-shaped guide eventually loosens, and can fall off. But still the price is right for 2 years of usefulness.

5 Stars pickup stix

les s. from MI wrote (March 19, 2011):

i have been using them for 16 years would not be without them they are a great tool for getting down in bushes under cars and compactors and best of all they are a green tool when they wear out and won't pick up you can recycle them

5 Stars Handy picker-upper

Jan M from NJ wrote (March 18, 2011):

We have 3 of these around the house, in the basement, and in my husband's workshop. We use them for picking up anything and everything off the floor. I also use it to reach clothes in the back of the dryer. Also outside I use it to pick up clumps of leaves in our pond. So handy - saves bending over and at our age (70's), that's not so easy anymore.

Leonard Clean-Up Caddy Leonard Clean-Up Caddy Leonard Clean-Up Caddy Leonard Clean-Up Caddy