Leonard Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock

Heavy duty poly chain lock, made to A.M. Leonard's specifications for strength and value!

Just slip through, twist, and lock. Adjustable lock makes staking quick and easy. Great for bracing overloaded fruit tree limbs. No waste—just cut off what you need! Black finish, with convenient dispensing reel that keeps it neat and under control—eliminates waste and lost time. Available in medium or heavy weight, with hundreds of uses. Lifetime warranty.

Brand: AM Leonard

Item # Material Length Duty Width Ship wt Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
3105 Poly 250' Medium 1/2 4 lb In Stock $ 28.99 $ 25.99
5105 Poly 100' Extra Heavy 1 3 lb Out of Stock
$ 36.99 $ 31.99


  • UV treated
  • Poly material - "original" - provides strength and reduces plant damage
  • Rubber material - softer, more elastic. Easiest on trees and plants.

Product Features

  • 1/2" width
  • For small trees and plants up to 1-1/2" diameter
  • UV treated
  • Black in color

Product Benefits

  • The narrow diameter is not "overkill" for your younger trees
  • The UV treating holds up under sunlight
  • Black color blends into the environment


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Review Summary (Based on 20 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars Adjust A Tye chain link

from MA wrote :

This was used by the arborist we contracted with to do some pruning of our overgrown arbor vitaes. It works great as a support to the many main shoots of the arbor and does not cut into the shoot. Recommend this highly.

5 Stars Adjust-A-Tie

from MD wrote :

I use the product to tie up branches, anchor saplings, etc. It is very easy to use (no knots to tie, adjustable, reuseable etc). I also use it for other binding/storage needs. For example I use 3 lengths of the ties to secure the garden hose coiled for winter storage with one of the lengths left long enough to loop on itself so that I can hang the coiled hose from a hook on the wall of my garden room.

5 Stars Adj a tie chain

from OK wrote :

It works really great. Fits any size tree, gentle on the bark, and re-adjustable for growth! I love it!

5 Stars Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock

from NH wrote :

What a great helper to always have on hand for my gardening business and home. Easy to use, tangle free, strong, versatile. Fast and easy purchase from A.M. Leonard.

5 Stars Saved our tree !!!

from NY wrote :

I purchased the adjustable tye chain lock after the recent Halloween snowfall caused the branches of our Kousa dogwood to bend under the snow's weight & touch the ground. Luckily the branches did not snap & using the tye lock we were able to support all of the branches to avoid future problems. Supporting the branches also resulted in a more upright tree, an added bonus...easier to mow around!

5 Stars Did the Job

from CT wrote :

Great product, easy to use and reuse, competitively priced - we'll see how it fairs this winter season!

5 Stars Adj A LInk Tie Chain

from UT wrote :

I have no dislikes about this product. I own a retail Nursery. I am located in an area with consistent stong to high wind. Not a predominate wind, mind you, but coming from all points of the compass as fronts pass and storms build. I hated having my high dollar investment, in larger container plants especially, constantly tipping over. It is costly in damage to the plants and in constantly employing someone to go about standing everything upright in our retail sales area. I just had to find a way to protect my investment, without causing damage to the plants needing some type of support. The solution came in a two fold approach. We built 'racks' to stand the plants against. My first attempt to secure the plants to the racks was with bungee type cords. This worked , but was frustrating in the time it took to remove to display a plant for potential sales, and we discovered that the bungee soon sun rotted and broke! This is when I tried the Adj-A-Tie chain lock product, and it has work very well.

5 Stars Plastic Staking Chain

from ME wrote :

It works as it should. We have been using it for years.

5 Stars Smart

from PA wrote :

Great concept! Suggest this product for all tying needs. Good price also.

5 Stars Leonard Adj-A-Tye Chain Lock

from WA wrote :

I got the medium duty poly originally for use with trees and shrubs which it is excellent for; doesn't injure bark or branches, and is easy to adjust over time. Our arborist turned me onto it as he used both sizes for staking/supporting several trees he transplanted for us. Turned out it is a fantastic product useful for a much wider variety of landscape needs on our 2 acre bluff property than I ever thought. Have used it for attaching fencing, bundling around big perennials for support, hanging birdfeeders, strapping items to poles, also used for minor repairs when regular twisty ties are too weak. AND the best part is the pieces are reusable! I have told everyone we know about this great product and wish I'd known about it years ago. Saves time and money. We also use it to clip tarps together when bungees don't work, and even to hang decorative lights. The pieces we have that are over 5 years old from our arborist's work show no wear or tear, pretty much still totally serviceable for sure.

5 Stars Works like a Champ

from VA wrote :

Love this for staking trees! Causes no damage and is super easy to use.

4 Stars Great Ptoduct

from CA wrote :

My husband and I use this product alot. We have ordered the small chain and the heavy duty chain. We use the small chain for droopy bushes and plants that need to be staked up. We use the large chain for trees that are large and going to get bigger. My only problem is that I find it hard to use the larger chain with my smaller hands that have some arthritis in them, but my husband has no problem. That is why I gave it a 4star not a 5star rating.

5 Stars Tie Chain

from PA wrote :

Much easier and faster than using wire and hose.

5 Stars Easy to use, strong, reusable

from MA wrote :

I use it up here in the Northeast to protect my arborvitaes from the crushing weight of heavy snow. Very easy to use and reuse. Highly recommended.


from WA wrote :

We found this to be the easiest and strongest product for supporting limbs & keeping young trees straight till established. On a spool and just cut off what needed. Tried other products not as strong.

5 Stars Adjust a Tye Chain

from RI wrote :

I used both the 1" and 1/2" adjust a tye chain to shore up some arborvitae that bend and break under heavy snow. They were easy to apply and hopefully will do the job they are intended for.

5 Stars Great for training Grape vines

from KY wrote :

This product not only works well to stake trees, but also works very well to help train vines.

5 Stars Very Functional

from PA wrote :

We are in the landscape industry. Primarily we use the chainlock for guying and staking trees. The chainlock can be used for multiple purposes both in the commercial industry of landscaping as well as personal residential uses. The chainlock holds up well in North East weather conditions. Great product. Multiple uses and reuses.

5 Stars Very Satisfied

from PA wrote :

Good product for staking and tying up plants. Easily recycled too just unhook and reuse. Strong plastic. We have used on some large caliper trees and has held up very well.

5 Stars Easy tree staking

from WA wrote :

This is the best method I found for staking trees. Handy and reusable and can be cut easily to any length.

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