Leaf Eater Plus Shredder

Leaf Eater Plus Shredder

This lightweight and portable shredder attacks leaves (wet or dry), pine needles, even grass clippings, and reduces them to a compact, nutritious mulch.

This mulch composts quickly, to become a gardener's dream! Lightweight, 17 lb shredder with built in carrying handles, moves easily around your yard. Powered by a tough, quiet, 8-amp peak electric motor. Adjustable shredding from coarse to fine, up to a 30-to-1 particle size reduction. Cutting action is similar to a string trimmer. Built-in storage compartment keeps extra line and goggles handy. Hopper tilts for easy loading. Slide a trash container with leaf-bag liner underneath to catch mulch. Elastic bungee cord holds bags in place for easy cleanup. For replacement line, purchase .080 line.

21.500000 lbs


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  • 23" high
  • 21" wide overall at top of funnel
  • 10" wide opening at bottom of funnel
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • 8-amp peak electric motor

Product Features

String-trimmer style blade Adjustable shredding from coarse to fine 30-to-1 particle size reduction Excellent for leaves, pine needles and grass clippings For replacement line, purchase any .080 line

Product Benefits

Reduces yard debris which means fewer bags are needed If composting is your thing this is an excellent aid


One year manufacturer's warranty


Owner's Manual

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

4 Stars it's a winner

from NY wrote :

With several mature trees and a garden, it just makes perfect sense to shred the leaves for mulch and compost. When it arrived I assembled it with minimal difficulty (and I'm bad at that!). Instead of raking up tarps of leaves and hauling them off the front lawn, it's much easier to place the shredder over a large barrel and shred the raked piles directly into it. Then I dumped the barrel into a wheelbarrow and rolled the shredded leaves to a pile. The only drawback is that it's not larger and it takes a little practice to get the timing of waiting for the leaves to get chewed up before tossing in the next batch. Avoiding sticks is also helpful for smooth shredding. Changing the string is simple, though I did it often due to large volume and sticks. I love that it's electric so I don't have to deal with exhaust fumes or maintaining yet another small engine. I used it last fall and it really helps! The top even flips over to minimize storage room.

Leaf Eater Plus Shredder Leaf Eater Plus Shredder Leaf Eater Plus Shredder Leaf Eater Plus Shredder