Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap with Lure Bait, Set of 2

Kitchen Fruit Fly Trap with Lure Bait, Set of 2

These discreet and effective traps lure in pests with a non-toxic formula that is safe to use around food.

The lure gives off a mild fruity scent. Flies are drawn in, where they remain hidden away from view. Disposable trap works up to 6 weeks, or refill with bait and reuse. Use near fruit bowls, indoor garbage cans or anywhere kitchen scraps are kept. Set of 2.

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  • 4 and 1/4" high jar
  • Two per pack

Product Features

Completely safe for use around food products Container is similar in appearance to a spice jar and blends in with kitchen or dining room decor

Product Benefits

Safe product gives you a fruit-fly-free kitchen Since it looks like a kitchen jar, it is not an eyesore



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