Jack's Professional  21-7-7 Acid Special Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb Bag

Jack's Professional® 21-7-7 Acid Special Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb Bag

Easy-to-use water-soluble mix for a rapid pH adjustment and acidity boost. A favorite for azaleas and rhododendrons!

A professional grade, water-soluble fertilizer specifically formulated for acid-loving plants. Provides a rapid correction of high pH conditions; ideal for acid-loving plants in the nursery and landscape. Promotes lush vegetation and better blooms. A favorite for azaleas and rhododendrons!

This enhanced formulation dissolves faster and cakes less than other top brands. That means it will more effectively feed your plants. Plus, it's chelated for improved plant performance. Includes an effective blue color tracer so you quickly know exactly where you've sprayed or used it. Note: contains no harmful chlorides like you might find in other formulas. Available in easy-to-handle 25 lb bags.

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Guaranteed analysis: total nitrogen 21%, phosphorous 7%, potassium 7%. Nitrogen contents are 11.47% ammonialcal, 9.53% urea. Minor nutrients are as follows: Magnesium 0.70%, Boron 0.0068%, Copper 0.0036%, Iron 0.1500%, Manganese 0.0250%, Molybdenum 0.0009%, Zinc 0.0025%. Limit of solubility: four pounds per gallon.

Product Features

Contains no harmful chlorides like other formulas.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's thirty day satisfaction guarantee.




QUESTION: What is the ingredient that makes it called "acid special"? ANSWER: It is not so much an ingredient as it is a process. As the urea and ammonium are breaking down, they release hydrogen ions which lowers the pH of the soil

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5 Stars Jack's Fertilizer

from MT wrote :

I can not find Jack's local, A M Leonard has all the NPK mixtures I need. Price is good, delivery time is good so I will keep buying from them. Thank's.

Jack's Professional  21-7-7 Acid Special Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb Bag