Jack's Professional  20-20-20 All-Purpose Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb

Jack's Professional® 20-20-20 All-Purpose Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb

Easy-to-use water-soluble mix delivers fast greenup plus a good balance of nutrients for root and shoot growth!

A professional grade, water-soluble fertilizer that is great for maintaining plants. It delivers fast greenup and foliar expansion with its high percentage of ammonium and urea nitrogen. Plus it also delivers a balance of phosphorus and potassium for root and shoot growth. This enhanced formulation dissolves faster and cakes less than other top brands. That means it will more effectively feed your plants. Plus, it's chelated for improved plant performance.

Includes an effective blue color tracer so you quickly know exactly where you've sprayed or used it. Available in easy-to-handle 25 lb bags.

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Guaranteed analysis: total nitrogen, 20 percent, phosphate 20%, and potash 20%; nitrogen contents are 3.83% ammonialcal, 6.07% nitrate, 10.10% urea. Minor minerals are as follows: Magnesium 0.05%, Boron 0.0068%, Copper 0.0036%, Iron 0.05%, Manganese 0.025%, Molybdenum 0.0009%, Zinc 0.0025%. Limit of solubility: 4 lb per gallon.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's thirty day satisfaction guarantee.



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Jack's Professional 20-20-20

from CA wrote :

As a member and officer of the Crescent City Fuchsia Society we look for the best all around fertilizer for growing fuchsias and bringing them into peak bloom. Jack's 20-20-20 formula fills the bill completely and is in fact the best water soluable fertilizer we have found.

5 Stars Great Product

from NC wrote :

My father used this type of product in his greenhouses. I have tried to purchase locally, just had to buy on-line. I use this fertilizer for watering seedlings and bucket feeding house plants around the house. This fertilizer works great in the E-Z Flo automatic fertilizing jug for fertilizing my garden. It is very easy to use and it dissolves quickly. I will be ordering more from this vendor, cheapest I could find for the home owner. Thanks for selling to the little guys.

5 Stars Excellence

from CA wrote :

I have been using Jack's and or its former name since 1981 and have found nothing compares for my very exacting expectation. It's simply the best!

5 Stars Jacks works great in Florida

from FL wrote :

Having moved to Florida in 2003, we found that dry fertilizer wasn't doing the job because of our climate, and dry seasons. Jacks goes on our flowers and bushes twice per month and we have had excellent results during the last 6 years of using this product.

5 Stars Excellent general purpose fertilizer

from MO wrote :

We use this fertilizer in our water truck when watering the container gardens and flowerbeds around the city........we have had excellent results year after year. We receive numerous compliments on our plantings and Jack's makes a huge impact, with more blooms, healthier plants and attractive containers.

Jack's Professional  20-20-20 All-Purpose Water-Soluble Fertilizer, 25 lb