Hydrofarm™ Seedling Heat Mats

These Hydrofarm seedling heat mats have been reengineered for better performance and greater durability.

The new stronger heating wire, and thicker multilayer construction (50% thicker!) offer more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments so they're tough enough for your home! Plus, the layers are heat-bonded (not glued!) to stay sealed year after year.

By providing bottom heat (up to 20°F above ambient air temperature), you'll increase the germination rate and success of your seedlings and cuttings. Plus, each mat has a handy seed germination guide for many popular flowers and vegetables. Choose from four sizes.

Brand: HydroFarm

Item # Watts Size Ship wt Stock Status Price Qty
MT10004 7.3 W 3 in x 20 in (windowsill size) 1 lb In Stock $ 23.99
MT10006 17 W 9 in x 19.5 in (for 1 typical flat) 1 lb In Stock $ 32.99
MT10008 45 W 20 in x 20.75 in 2 lbs In Stock $ 54.99
MT10009 107 W 48 in x 20.75 in 3.5 lbs Out of Stock
$ 89.99


  • Raises the tray or pot root temperature up to 20 degrees higher than the ambient air temperature
  • Uses a 120 volt outlet

Product Features

  • Made of tough vinyl
  • Performs best when set up on a well drained surface, and on an insulator like a wood board
  • Take caution not to set it up in standing water. Also, do not put it directly in the tray or soil. Do not place any heat-insulating materials over it, as it may cause overheating

Product Benefits

  • Gives you a head start on growing from seed in the late winter and early spring

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Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats