Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper

Grasshawk™ Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper

Easily clear grass buildup from your mower's deck to improve its performance.

For cleaning the mower's deck, nothing works like a good blade. We've got two! Flat and curved blades rotate to change quickly for adapting to all contours. Clean lawn tractors, too!

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  • Ship wt 1 lb
  • Overall length 11 & 1/8"
  • Overall blade width 2 & 5/8"

Product Features

  • Flat or curved blade - all in one
  • Cleans all contours of the deck
  • Quik-Knob pivots to rotate blade, switching from curved (half-moon) to straight
  • Special ‘knuckle-saver' design handle
  • Works great with Clean Machine Teflon spray (product number-CMMP) for added deck protection


  • QUESTION: The instruction card with it sayd "attach to a pole for lawn tractors". Was I supposed to get a pole?
  • ANSWER: No, nor does the Deck Scraper manufacturer sell one. If you can obtain a threaded pole for paint rollers, it should fit

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars A very useful tool

from PA wrote :

This is far superior to the stiff putty knife I have used for over 30 years. The curved blade is very useful for curved section of the deck. Switching the blades is very simple. I plan to give this to others who like to keep their mower deck clean. This is a definite buy.

1 Star Using the grasshawk and the ability for the screw to hold.

from PA wrote :

I bought this thing thinking it would help me clean under the deck of my ride around mower. It's difficult to get it in the space. Also, the screw is loose, it can't be tightened and therefore the blade just slipping left or right.

5 Stars

from NC wrote :

I ordered this tool as a gift and it has been well received and used almost weekly. The description is true.

4 Stars

from KS wrote :

Bought the scraper more on a whim,but turned out to be a very good purchase. Easy and comfortable use highley recommend.

Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper Grasshawk Mower Deck Cleaner and Scraper