Gene's Booster 19-2-2 + Iron Turf Spray Concentrate,  1 Gallon

Gene's Booster 19-2-2 + Iron Turf Spray Concentrate, 1 Gallon

Power-packed for deep green color without excessive growth!

Gene's Booster has been formulated for grasses and turf. Contains three forms of nitrogen as well as phosphorus, potassium and iron, which are chelated to be readily utilized by the plant. This in essence gives a True Deep Green Color which lasts for weeks without rapid growth. In Gene's Booster the micronutrients have been chelated 100% with organic and amino acids, which are found naturally in the plant. These also act as facilitators to enhance translocation, as well as penetration, through the waxy leaf cuticles in plants. Compatible with most turf herbicides and pesticides. Great for tank mixing with turf post emergent herbicides like Trimec. Rates: 4 oz. of Gene's Booster to 1 gallon of water. Makes 32 gallons of spray. Ship wt 11 lb.

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  • 19-2-2 formula
  • The nitrogen content is 4.1% ammoniacal nitrogen, 3.8% nitrate nitrogen, and 11.1% urea nitrogen
  • Gene's Booster also contains 1% iron
  • 1 gallon jug

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  • Gene's Booster can be mixed with herbicides



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