Garden Links Fiberglass Cage

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A quick and easy support system that grows with your garden!

Each Garden Links trellis is really four 54-inch x 11-inch fiberglass ladders that are hinged together to allow you to create almost any shape you need. Use your favorite garden ties to add on additional Garden Links to make extra-long or polygon shapes. Because they are flexible and adjustable, you can place Garden Links around established plants without having to thread the young shoots up through the cage center. (Perfect for gardeners that procrastinate!)

Use for tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers—nearly any garden climber. As a frame for frost blankets, Garden Links come in handy all year long. The solid fiberglass rods are flexible, durable, UV stabilized and weather-tough for long life. Folds flat to store. Stem green color blends in with your plants. Add to your Garden Links collection each year and your well-supported garden will soon be the envy of your gardening friends.

Product Information


  • 54" H x 11" x 11"
  • Stakes are green UV treated fiberglass
  • There are 5 upright stakes, and 4 sets of horizontal "rungs", for a total of 16 "rungs", each rung just under 11"

Product Features

Use for tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, any vine or "climbing" plant Green color blends in the garden Folds flat

Product Benefits

The solid fiberglass stakes hold up under the weight of the climbing plant better than some nettings Green color blends in the garden Folding it flat makes for easy storage, and can transport easy in the trunk of your car

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from OH

Very versatile


I bought a set 6 years ago and cut it into two sections made it great for pepper plants. Back then it only had four uprights. But as far as lasting it has not degraded at all. I expect it will last for the rest of my life.

from CA

Strong and flexible


This trellis is stronger than you'd think. It supports heavy plants well and holds up to weather very well. Its flexibility to adjust the shape to your needs is a great feature. It also makes it easy to collapse and store away! I used the Garden Links in a zig-zag fashion in a planter bed to maximize support for tomato plants in a limited space.

from OH

Good in combination


Work very well for combining to create a trellis just right for the space that we needed to fill. They come with plastic connectors but we found they were not enough for our needs so we supplemented them with some garnden twist ties. We have four panels connected two wide a two high and were able to create a perfect fit.

from OH



I purchased these tomato cages to replace the rusted wire cages we had been using. They held up well through the first year's use in the garden, and seem to be in good shape to use in the coming years as well. Using one cage for a full size tomato is a bit stingy on the support, but adequate. Now that the veggie season is over, they are deployed around the yard protecting valued small shrubs from deer damage (when combined with netting). Folding flat for storage is a real plus - if I ever get around to storing them!