DeWitt Solar-Heated Gro-Tunnel with Water Tubes

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Create a Perfect Greenhouse Growing Environment

The DeWitt Solar-Heated Gro-Tunnel with Hydrothermal Water Tubes creates a warm, humid environment for your tender plants. The Gro-Tunnel is constructed of a fleece cover that allows air, water and light through to stimulate growth. It has two solar-heated 10 gallon water tubes that run along each side absorbing the heat of the sun during the day to provide warmth for your plants at night.

The floor of the Gro-Tunnel is made from DeWitt weed barrier fabric, which collects heat, prevents weed growth and conserves soil moisture, in turn promoting healthy plant growth and eliminating the need for herbicides. When plant maturity has been reached, you simply slide the sides of the Gro-Tunnel upward and harvest your crop.

Kit includes fleece cover with built-in hoops, 2 solar-heated water tubes, 8 zip ties and weed barrier landscape fabric. Size: 2ft x 10ft x 18in high.

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from NY

Very disappointed.


UPDATE: The tunnel has been up for about a month, and just disintegrated. The material shredded and tore, coming right off the metal frame. Had to take it down so it doesn't destroy the peppers. Only thing left now is the weed barrier fabric, which I pinned down with fabric pins. Not impressed!! Yes, its windy up here, but this is low to the ground and there was nothing in the description saying it would not withstand windy conditions. Bought this to protect peppers from chilly spring nights. Have been using it for about 1 month so far. Observations: Set it up myself, but it would be much easier with another pair of hands. My garden is on a hill where winds of 30 to 40mph are common. The short, flimsy pins wouldn't have held this tunnel down for 10 minutes. I put heavy duty 6" landscape pins over these pins, two on each end and two in the middle - highly recommend this. We have had several high wind days over the last month, and the tunnel hasn't budged. The tunnel is fine, and the sides can be slid up to check plants. the 'solar heating' tubes, though, to me were a waste. Being on a slight slope, the water wanted to pool in one end of the tube and even putting zip ties at intervals didn't help a whole lot. Worse, the plastic tubes are slippery, especially on the weed barrier fabric, and the filled tubes kept sliding toward my little pepper plants, threatening to crush them. I tucked rocks underneath a few times to try to prevent this, but they kept sliding and I finally just pulled them out. In a level yard they might work better? Also don't know how efficient these are, since they are under the tunnel - how warm did they get when the sun was shining, did they actually provide warmth at night? I don't know, but am not planning to use them again. So the tunnel is nice with addition of landscape pins, I'm not a fan of landscape fabric, next time would just buy the tunnel without any extras.