Corrosion-Resistant Steel Tripod Stand with Brass Sprinkler Head



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Excellent for seasonal watering of gardens or larger areas that need short term help—like newly seeded lawns!

This Tripod Sprinkler Stand has the water inlet located in the center of the tower. No need to anchor feet to prevent tipping, the hose attached to the center of the tower and extra wide feet balances it. Galvanized steel body and legs give corrosion resistant properties

The brass impact sprinkler head adjusts to evenly water full or part circle on large areas up to 80 ft. in diameter. Galvanized steel tripod can be set at a height of 35 inches or 66 inches. Base is completely assembled, requires 25 psi minimum operating pressure.

Product Information


  • Solid brass adjustable head
  • Base is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel
  • Fully adjustable for either partial or full circle up to 80-feet diameter
  • 25 psi minimum operating pressure
  • Includes 1/2" brass impulse sprinkler head.
  • Product Features

  • 3/4" x 1/2" Female NPT adapter allows the installation of either 1/2" or 3/4" impact sprinklers
  • Included extention allows you to adjust tower to either 35" to 66" in height
  • Warranty

    Product has a two year manufacturer warranty.

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    Overall Rating: 3/5

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    from MT

    Saving my yard


    I love this tripod! The range of watering is so large that I don't have to keep moving it around as I do with the smaller tripod that I have. It covers a large back segment of our yard and gardens not covered by our sprinkling system. This has saved my plants, grass, shrubs and trees. Buy one!

    from TN

    Solved our watering problem.


    We have several oddly shaped garden areas, some of which are located on a steep hillside. Eventually we'd like to install a drip watering system throughout, but that is at least a couple years away. In the meantime, this sprinkler has solved the problem of getting water to some new and widely scattered plantings. Originally I assembled it with both riser sections in place, thinking that would allow additional watering range. Once I realized it would sometimes need to get water underneath 5-foot-high tree limbs, I reconfigured it with just one riser section. This lower profile lets it put the water where we need it. It was obvious the first time I used it that the joints would need a wrap of Teflon tape to prevent leaks, but since I always have that in the toolbox that didn't seem like a very big deal. I also installed a battery-operated timer between the hose and the tripod. I still have to move and start the unit manually, but since it shuts itself off I don't have to remember anything or hang.

    from WI

    Tripod Sprinkler Stand


    We already had several made similar and assumed it would operate the same. This stand has one height only! And the height is so tall, we can use it only in areas where we want to water vast expanses where the water drops down. Seems like a no-brainer to give a tripd sprinkler a height adjustment knob! We won't be buying any others.

    from OK

    Tripod falls over and breaks


    The tripod is super top heavy and the legs that expand do not hold the weight in any time of wind. Both the presure of the water and the wind made the product fall on a number of occasions, breaking the adjustment portion on the head. I staked them down and still had trouble but it should be a stand alone product produced to stand up to outside conditions such as wind and the force of water produced by the sprinkler itself. Go elsewhere if you want something worth the $ spent on this.

    from TX

    Excellent stable tripod sprinkler


    This product is easy to set up, and easy to break down. It has a full 80 foot or more range, helpful in the Texas drought.

    from MI

    Great sprinkler for tall gardens


    This unit is light weight yet stable and takes in a large area. We use it here in our public garden for better coverage in areas with taller plant material such as ornamental grasses.

    from WY



    We've been using this sprinkler for 6-7 years in our garden center and absolutely love the uniformity of coverage and its reliability. The range of coverage is superb.

    from MA

    towers above the rest


    This sprinkler tower is great. It has a wide base so it doesn't fall over when the water is turned on. It has great sprinkler range. Its one drawback is way the head adjustments are made. They don't allow a complete back and forth circle because the adjusters are too wide. A "split lollipop" would have worked much better than the "winged paperclip". It would give the ability to water an entire circle, not a circle with a wedge missing.

    from RI



    height important to me for high bed coverage. Also like range and ability to control flow.

    from VA

    Badly built


    Whoever manufactures this for you apparently has never heard of silicon tape. Since there are many parts, with no silicon tape they corrode together and if you try to take it apart to repair, it breaks. A terrible product.

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