Compost BioBag 3 Gallon, Box of 25

Compost BioBag®, 3 Gallon, Box of 25

Makes it so easy—just lift and carry away to the compost pile!

Unlike regular plastic, BioBags are made from a resin derived from plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers that can be consumed by micro-organisms living in soil. Now with a gathered, star-sealed bottom for extra strength!

The 3 gallon BioBag is designed to fit most kitchen countertop composting pails. When full, simply pull out and toss the whole bag into your home or community compost. No scraping, no scrubbing! They also help reduce odor and bacterial build-up during food scrap collection.

Also great for refrigerated food storage! One feature of the BioBag is that it breathes without leaking. This unique benefit allows heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food fresher longer. Try BioBags for storing your fruits and vegetables, and then use the same bag to line your composting pail. Box of 25 bags.

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  • 3 gallon compostable biodegradable bags
  • 25 bags/pack
  • For use with the MACP

Product Features

Easy and convenient, just put one compostable bag in your kitchen composter, fill them it with organic waste and dispose of the full bag in your backyard compost bin

Product Benefits

No more rinsing smelly compost bins No more mess


  • QUESTION:What's the best way to store these bags?
  • ANSWER:There is a fine balance in creating plastic bags that are durable enough to handle the collection of organic waste but still be delicate enough to be easily compostable. BioBags are made from starches and oils of renewable GMO free crops, which means that the bags can be consumed by micro-organisms which live in our soils. Changes in heat and storage conditions can affect the life span of BioBag products. For best results, please store this product in a cool, dry location and use within a year of purchase.

    Review Summary (Based on 15 Reviews)

    Customer Reviews

    1 Star Great idea…terrible end game

    from VT wrote :

    Love the idea of having a clean compost bucket after emptying. I use a Compost Tumblr so in theory these bags should be biodegrading even faster then usual….WRONG. Just tilled in the first batch of compost with these bags, the only thing that wasn't compost was these bags. Fail.

    2 Stars good idea, poor implementation

    from CA wrote :

    These tear too easily. It is very unusual to empty bag and not find a tear. Thus their function is much compromised. Decompose poorly in my compost heap, so I add it to municipal composting.

    1 Star compost bags

    from NC wrote :

    These bags are a disappointment. They do not dissolve. When turning compost they tangle and I end up taking them out of the bin.

    4 Stars Compost BioBags

    from OH wrote :

    I love that I can just tie them up and toss them in the composter. But I can't let things sit too long or they start to seep liquids.

    4 Stars Biobags

    from NY wrote :

    The bags used to be made from a heavier weight material. The bags now tear easily. It is still a good product, but it was better with the earlier formulation.

    5 Stars bio bags are great!

    from CT wrote :

    Like them because they hold up even when i overstuff. They seem to disappear in the compost, as promised, and i like lining my compost container to cut down on the messiness of composting all table scraps. I give it a five star rating!

    5 Stars Compost bags

    from SC wrote :

    These bags make composting easy, reducing cleaning of the compost pails. We have not been using them to see how long they take to break down but so far we like them very much.

    4 Stars Easy to use and convenient

    from MA wrote :

    I really like these bags for my compost. As long as you can let your compost set for over a year you are good. Any less time the bags don't break down. Unfortunately the new compost pot that I bought has a shape that is not working well with the bags. They are breaking when I pull them out. Make sure your compost container is tall and straight up with no curves.

    4 Stars Compost BioBag

    from MI wrote :

    After receiving a kitchen composter, I ordered the BioBag, it makes clean-up very easy and dissolves quite rapidly when added to the outdoor compost pile.

    3 Stars OK product

    from KS wrote :

    This is the second time I bought these. They work ok but waste certainly does not dry out in the container. Any material that breathes has to also allow moisture to pass unless it's Goretex and this is not Goretex. I continue to buy the product because having it in the compost pail does help minimize the amount of cleaning it needs.

    4 Stars BioBags

    from MN wrote :

    Sturdy! Holds up well with wet compost. But why so expensive (as with all brands!)?

    4 Stars good for kitchen scraps

    from OR wrote :

    The bag holds up well even with wet coffee grounds. The only down side is that it does take a little more time to compost after you put it in the composter. All in all a very good product

    4 Stars Usage of compost bags

    from LA wrote :

    We use these bags in conjunction with a 30 gallon compost barrel we purchased. They seem to work just fine!

    5 Stars biobags

    from NC wrote :

    These bags are true to the description. Odors and clean-up are minimal. Its nice that they dissolve into the compost. If you compost these are a must!!!!

    2 Stars Bio bags too frail

    from WV wrote :

    Love the idea behind the bags and they do in fact bio degrade very well but they are at time too frail and tear easily. You just have to be really careful with them. I think a little thicker would be better but suitable if your waste is not too heavy or has sharp edges.

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    Compost BioBag 3 Gallon, Box of 25 Compost BioBag 3 Gallon, Box of 25