BioComp Germination Plus Soil 3cu ft Bag

BioComp Germination Plus Soil 3cu ft Bag

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With its state of the art composting and automated mixing facility, Biocomp destroys weeds and weed seeds and reduces shrinkage via stabilizing raw material particle size breakdown in order to deliver a premium compost product. Temperature and pH stabilized, this product’s pH is 5.2-6.5. Promotes consistent growth. By using the highest grade of raw materials for composting and blending, Biocomp defines and grades these materials to optimize water-holding ability and air space for better growth.

This mix (BC1) uses the finest quality Canadian Sphagnum peatmoss that is selected for product uniformity and fiber texture. It is a finer, higher peat-content blend of double-ground and regular compost designed to hold more water. Use for seed propagation, cuttings, hanging baskets, production of bedding and vegetable plants,mums and pansies with container sizes 288 cells to 12 inch pots.

With its lighter high peat, this double-ground mix (BC2P) is designed for propagation of seeds and cuttings with better drainage. Use for propagation, cuttings, production of bedding and vegetable plants with container sizes 288 cells to 6 inch pots.

We provide these three popular blends specifically formulated for your growing needs; others are available in pallet quantities. Also available in bulk, 60 cu ft tote, and truckload quantities. Note: Biocomp recommends using within 3 to 6 months of the production date on the pallet for best performance. Motor freight delivery. Priced below as 3 cu ft bags. Ship wt 64 lb.

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BioComp Germination Plus Soil 3cu ft Bag

Product Features

Bio-Comp recommends using the mix within 3 months of the of the production date listed on the pallet for best performance. Germinating Plus.

Product Benefits

Three key features :disease suppression by compost organisms and added biological agentMinimal shrinkage, won't settle like some other mixesStable mix includes starter charge fertlizer and is pH adjustableUnique composting system encourages growth of bene


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  • Question: I sometimes purchase my potting mix from other suppliers in "compresed bale" form. Volume-wise, how does this measure up to a bag of Biocomp?
  • Answer: Many compressed bales out on the market are 3.8 cubic feet compressed

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BioComp Germination Plus Soil 3cu ft Bag