ARS Cleaner

ARS Cleaner

Keep your tools at their peak performance using this specialized cleaner from ARS.

Removes sap and dirt with just a spray and a wipe. Safe ingredients including mineral enzyme water.

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  • 3.8 fl oz
  • Non-aerosol spray pump bottle



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars This stuff works

from FL wrote :

Works well to get the sap, particles, and the other crud and detritus of daily professional use from pruners and saws. Of course easiest when the crud is fresh, but when dried on just let the cleaner soak in for 5 min. or so, then use a little wire bristle brush on the tool. The brush is esp. good to clean the teeth of saws. Be sure to lube your tools afterwards, as this stuff can cause rust. I rinse my tools CAREFULLY with plain water to rinse off both cleaner and crud particles, thoroughly dry the tool, then apply a product such as the Felco lubricant. Let that soak in. If no Felco lube, WD-40 will work, and also drives off any residual moisture.

5 Stars Easy review to do....

from OR wrote :

I saw an opportunity and decided it was worth trying. I'm glad I did.. in my case it worked like the advertisement and did so with ease. The ultimate test... Would I buy it again?.. The answer is a certain yes and I would recommend others try the product.

5 Stars Excellent product

from WI wrote :

ARS Cleaner took the sap, dirt and all the other grim right off my pruners and my hand saw.They look brand new!!!

4 Stars ARS results

from CT wrote :

Bought this product to get tree resins and other goop off of pruning saws. As long as you are able to deal with things as soon as finished using the saw, this product works well. Otherwise, after a while, it takes a bit more elbow grease.

5 Stars ARS cleaner

from CA wrote :

I have 5 Felco 2 pruners and it is very difficult to keep them clean. The ARS cleaner is the only product that I know of that really works. The bottle will last a long time so it is not that expensive.

5 Stars ARS tool cleaner

from IN wrote :

I was amazed at the ease of this cleaner, just spray it on the pruners and in a minute wipe off with a cloth. The pruners look like new. I want to use it on my miter saw blade so it looks and works like new.


from MT wrote :

ARS cleaner does a marvelous job cleaning junk off of clippers, saws, etc. It works better if the junk, especially sap, has not had a chance to be covered in a film of dirt

5 Stars Expesnive but it works

from PA wrote :

Removes caked-on sap really fast -- much better than denatured alcohol or paint thinner. But at that price, you can't waste a drop.

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ARS Cleaner