ADIOS ECO-Friendly Weed Control, Water Soluble Granular, 44lb Bag



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Organic, fast-acting post-emergent weed control; kills over 140 broadleaf and grassy weeds!

Meets USDA organic standards and is OMRI-listed. Offers a sustainable technology to selectively control noxious and invasive vegetation.

Kills the following: Buckthorn, Clover (red/white), Chickweed, Crabgrass, Creeping Charlie, Dandelion, Giant Hogweed, Ground Ivy, Knotweed, Lambs Quarters, Oxalis, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Ragweed, Thistle, Sumac, Yellow Mustard and many more. Product works best in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees F.

Product Overview: Odorless, non-toxic and fast acting. Can use 1 hour after rainfall. Turf and lawn safe; systemic solution and no residual activity in the soil. Pets and livestock friendly! Meets USDA organic standards; approved for use in organic production and gardening.

Available in Three application types:
  • Concentrate – mix two parts water to 1 part concentrate.
  • Ready to Use – just pump and spray, do not dilute.
  • Water Soluble Granule – follow label recommendations.

Product Information


  • Water soluble granules
  • 44 lb bag or tub
  • Active ingredient: Sodium Chloride - 96.56%
  • Other ingredients: Potassium Chloride, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium alumino sulfosilicate (blue pigment 29) and Sodium Acetate - 3.44%

Product Features

  • Can be used safely on turf; bluegrass, perenial ryegrass, and fescues
  • May cause grass to turn pale temporarily, but will regain color after a few days
  • Avoid spraying during drought



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