3-Tier Self-Watering Planter/Hanging Basket - Tuscany

3-Tier Self-Watering Planter/Hanging Basket - Tuscany

Your garden will really stack up with this clever Three Tier Self-Watering Planter. The perfect home for herbs, blooms, strawberries, and more. Three tiers of "clover-leaf shaped"stacking pots allow you to grow a variety of plants in a small footprint. A drop-in grid at the bottom of each pot creates a water reservoir near the roots. Completely surrounded by soil, this reservoir will not become a home to mosquitoes, and features an overflow to prevent over-watering. Includes a hanging chain, or use it as a freestanding cascade anywhere. Three planter pots, self-watering inserts, tray, and hanging chain are all included. Assembled, it measures 13"across and 16"tall, not including chain.Stack up to 9 tiers to create your own unique garden. Pictured using two sets for a total of 6 tiers.

3.500000 lbs
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  • Colors available in terra cotta, stone, and tuscany


QUESTION: If you have several of these stacked on top of each other, can you water these all at the same time by watering the top one and allowing it to "cascade" into the ones below? ANSWER: No, it's recommended to water all the pots together. That way all the soil or potting mix is watered, and the reservoirs are filled.

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