1-inch Professional Series Soaker Hose

Reduce water usage up to 70%!

Just connect the hose to your outside faucet or garden hose and turn the water on to low pressure (1/4 turn). This will slowly water your plants at the root zone where they need it most, with no runoff or evaporation. Hoses can be used above or below the ground. If using above ground, cover with a layer of mulch For below ground irrigation bury 2 to 6 inches deep. Hose will not be damaged if frozen. Ideal for trees and shrubs or gardens. Cut to length or repair your soaker hose using our 50M58, CR58M, AND CR58F couplers.

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Product Information


  • Hose releases water very slowly but very evenly from beginning to end of the run
  • 1in. outer diameter
  • Inner diameter is approx 9/16in.
  • Standard brass garden hose couplers included
  • Even water distribution up to 5,280 feet on level terrain and straight runs
  • Leak Rate: 1 gallon per foot, per hour @ 30psi
  • Made From 80% Recycled Materials
  • Effective width depends on the type of soil. Water penetrates soil in a tear drop shape, it spreads as it goes down. You can generally expect 6-18" width at root level, but the only way to know is to check.
  • Warranty

    A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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    from NY

    Soaker Hose


    So I do not waste water watering.

    from PA

    Osmile Soaker Hose


    First hose within a full days use developed several tiny holes that created mini-geysers that created pools of water. The free replacement that A.M. Leonard immediately provided,has worked for several weeks with no problems.

    from TX

    Near perfect solution


    We recently built a new home in Texas. This past summer was brutal (heat and drought). We purchased these soaker hoses to keep our lawn alive through the drought. What we got was far better than anticipated. The lawn is on just enough slope that the soakers buried at the top of the slope kept the grass green all summer, watering once a week. (Zoysia Palisades)

    from CT

    Osmile hoses


    I'm using it on 2000 feet of rhubarb. It works very well.

    from NJ

    soaker hose vendor makes excellent upgrade in replacing hoses


    This is a follow up on an earlier poor review of 250 foot soaker hoses. The Lawson company, upon receiving photos of the multiple hose ruptures and repairs, replaced all of them with an upgrade soaker product. I commend their response, immediate attention and good faith replacement, and hope that these higher quality hoses will solve my watering problems.

    from NJ

    worst garden product ever bought


    I bought two 250 ft. Osmile Pro hoses three seasons ago, [including this summer]. It was difficult for one person to lay such long hoses, but I hoped not to have to do it again, and to have peace of mind that my sandy soil near the Atlantic Ocean would be properly watered regardless of drought or my absence. These hoses began rupturing the second season, and this summer I repair them almost daily! I have paid more for these hose repairs than another 100 foot hose would cost, with no end in sight. After this season, I am going to pack up some of the excised sections, return them with more photos -I have already sent some- and invoke the ""lifetime" warrantee. As much as I hate pulling them up -they lie lightly covered under a thin mulch- I have had it.

    from NJ

    Hoses get major leaks


    I bought these soaker hoses because I live near the Jersey shore and my soil is very sandy. I am also committed to water conservation. Although these hoses work well, I am extremely disappointed that they do not hold up; I have made over 6 repairs in 2 seasons. I am entering the third season and woke up this morning to 2 more breaks. I cannot depend on them not to rupture while I am away, although I'd hoped to have the garden watered even while I might be on vacation.As it was a good bit of work to lay them out, I had hoped that I would only have to do it once. I have no confidence thatreplacements will solve the problem.

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